Early bird

An early bird, lark, or morning person, is a person who usually gets up early in the morning and goes to bed early in the evening.

The opposite of the early bird is the nigth owl, often awake at night.

Researchers have found that the genetics of our circadian timing system underpins some of the difference between early birds and night owls.

The results below represent natural sleep tendencies. Note that life in modern society often imposes a schedule that conflicts with our tendencies.


The midpoint between the time an individual falls asleep and the time they wake up, when they are free to choose these times.

3 : 00 am

Chronotypes in the population

How the chronotype compares to others.

Sleep duration

Simply, how long an individual ideally sleeps.

6 h

Sleep duration in the population

How the sleep duration compares to others.

Genetic score for chronotype

The genetic score for chronotype is calculated based on the current knowledge of chronotype genetics (see here). We use this score for determining the genetic predisposition to being an early bird or a night owl.

The genetic score for chronotype will show up here once the genetic data becomes available with Gencove.

Not available

Genetic scores in the population

How genetic scores compare to each other.

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